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Wafer Mixer

When there is no room to install standard static mixer lengths in an existing pipeline, Komax Wafer Static Mixers will install between the flange connections. The patented ultra compact wafer static mixer offers a high degree of turbulence or mixing in the down stream pipeline. Designed for injection and mixing of water treatment additives, the two vortex generating holes are slightly smaller in area then the pipeline and contain Komax Patented Hi-Pass static mixing elements. The additive chemical is introduced to the wafer static mixer dead center where the two holes are substantially tangent. As the water stream exits the two holes, the Hi-Pass mixing element hydraulic forces causes the center line injected chemical to disperse over the entire pipe cross section achieving a high dispersion of the injected chemicals. One to four chemical injectors are offered. Pipe sizes from 2" to 72" diameter. Manufactured in all piping materials including PVC, FRP, Carbon & Stainless Steel and Kynar.

Wafer Mixer
18" Carbon Steel Wafer Mixerfor Biofuel Application for Denaturing Ethanol

When there is room in the piping system it is advisable to install a standard length Komax static mixer for enhanced mixing and lower pressure drops.
Water Static Mixer
20" FRP Wafer Mixer with (2) Integrated Injection Ports for Mixing Coagulant &
Sodium Hypochlorite with Potable Water

Download Wafer Mixer Brochure (pdf)

Download Wafer Mixer Specifications (doc)

Wafer Truck
900mm (36") PVC Wafer Mixer for Australia RO Project for mixing Anti Scalant & Sodium Hydroxide

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