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Sanitary Static Mixer


Sanitary Static Mixer

Mixing a wide variety of foods including:

Tomato Paste
Ketchup & Condiments
Jams & Jellies
Yogurt & Dairy Products
Soft Drinks & Juices

Sanitary Static Mixture
Komax in-line motionless static mixers convert a multiple component input stream into a uniformly blended output. They find applications in mixing a wide range of food products. These include "solid" materials such as margarine and tomato pastes, viscous liquids like syrups, and light fluids similar to soft drink products.

Komax static mixers do not involve any moving parts and elements can be easily removed for external cleaning or used in clean in place (CIP) applications. Static mixers are supplied with sanitary tri-clover end fittings and are available in tube sizes from one inch through twelve inch. Komax sanitary mixers are made from 316 stainless steel and housed in 316 stainless steel sanitary tubing. All mixers are electropolished. Flow direction arrows assure proper installation.

Komax mixers are powered only by the proportioning pumps in the tube or pipe line system. Substantial power savings are achieved over conventional batch mixing techniques. Results are highly predictable and product quality and uniformity is assured.
Sanitary Mixer Sanitary Mixing Element
Download Sanitary Static Mixer Standard Drawing (pdf)
Download Sanitary Static Mixer Brochure (pdf)
Case Studies
Download Sanitary Static Mixer Ketchup Case Study (pdf)
Download Sanitary Static Mixer Tomato Paste/Juice Case Study (pdf)
Download Sanitary Static Mixer Yogurt Case Study (pdf)

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