The Importance of Crude Oil Metering Equipment

The metering of crude oil is an important application for all phases, from exploration to production to refining. There are some challenges to measurements such as accuracy, repeatability, viscosity change, and turnaround.

Inline ultrasonic flow metering technology offers a comprehensive crude oil metering solution with unique features that make this technology the best.

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Crude Oil Metering

An Introduction to the Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger

Energy saving is a major problem faced by many industries and heat exchangers have been designed to use as much energy as possible.

In many industries a wide range of heat exchangers are used, such as the Klean-Wall heat exchanger. It is intended for heat transfer between two or more liquids. Heat transfer takes place through a separating wall between fluids.

Design and Features of Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger

Klean-Wall heat exchanger design is based on state of the art technology which puts it at forefront of the heat exchanger industry worldwide. The main goal of the heat exchanger is to save energy and preserve the environment, while delivering the best possible heat.

Consistent efficiency: The Klean-Wall heat exchanger is designed to create turbulence on the pipe walls and reduce boundary layers. This ensures that the system maintains long-term consistent operational efficiency.

Debris control: The exchange can withstand clogging and pass debris up to 50% of the pipe diameter, including even stringy rope-like debris without plugging, eliminating wall construction, sludge, and other materials. Klean-Wall heat exchanger doesn’t allow the sludge to build up on the walls as constant turbulence continuously hits the wall surface to remove fouling.

Good bacteriological activity: Due to continuous shearing and sludge mixing, there is an increased bacteriological activity.

Cleaning and maintenance: The Klean-Wall heat exchanger is designed in such a way that is never requires cleaning. However, if a user wants to clean the rod, the design provides a clear path down the center line for the hydro rod.

The exchanger uses already digested waste to bring inputs to the proper temperature. Other heat exchangers rely on the external heat sources to bring the waste up to digesting temperature, which expends a huge amount of energy. For the most part, this system benefits most from recycling.

Infinite Applications

Klean-Wall heat exchanger is used in many of the following:

  • Waste water heat exchanger
  • Sludge to water heat exchanger
  • Sludge to sludge heat exchanger

Efficiency is King

Klean-Wall heat exchanger is completely non-fouling, non-clogging equipment which promotes a self-cleaning environment. Prior to integration into the system, inputs are not pre-processed.

The heat exchangers are already in use throughout the world and prove their ability, their reliability every day, especially in severe sludge. This brings us to a new level of efficiency.


Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger

Everything to Know About Triple Action Static Mixers

How would it sound if you could blend immiscible liquids or mix gas together? Sounds strange right? Well, all these can be possible with a static mixer.

As a precision engineered device, the Static Mixer helps in the process of mixing of fluid materials continuously, without having the components moved. Well if a static mixer can do so much, imagine what the triple action static mixer which is even more powerful, strong, and efficient, can do.

Types of Mixing using Triple Action Static Mixers

A triple action static mixer provides the highest level of mixing of any static mixer. Get to know more about it.

Two by two division: The static mixers are designed in the proportion of right angle structure to each other in order to divide and re-divide the streaming process with a series of elements. You must know that each of these elements is doubled from the number of previous divisions with combinations. That is the power of a triple action static mixer.

Cross current mixing: Direct stream impingement technique is used to specialize the cavities that randomize the material distribution. It helps to make the two by two division process effectively optimize its functioning.

Counter-rotating vortices and back-mixing: As the name says, even with chaotic changes in pressure and flow velocity, both sides of each these static mixers produce elliptical vortices rotating in opposite directions.

This is useful to reduce or eradicate the streaming or tunneling effects caused in the initial static mixer design. It also comes with an added advantage of back-mixing, which helps in producing a substantial improvement in mixing efficiency.

Advantages of Triple Action Static Mixers

Reduces Waiting Time

The actual time taken from the process of blending to dispersing is known accurately and hence your work can be easily planned.


Expect the same velocity profile through the process every time so that your process and procedure will remain uniform always.

Low Cost

With a low cost of ownership and long shelf-life, the triple action static mixer is not similar to any inline static mixer out there.

With further developments in the technology and increasing need, triple action static mixers is sure to be one of the best inventions that is going to make life simpler. Make sure to choose triple action static mixers that not only quicken the process but are also efficient with respect to low energy in-line mixing.


Triple Action Static Mixers

Hi-Pass Static Mixer: An Overview

Hi-Pass Static Mixer is a device for mixing fluid materials without moving the components.

Usually, the fluids to be mixed are liquid, but static mixers can also be used to mix gas streams and disperse gas into liquid. A wide range of construction materials are used for a static mixer which includes stainless steel, PVC, Teflon, and so on.

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Hi-Pass Static Mixer

Sanitary Static Mixer: For all your mixing needs!

If you looking for comprehensive information on the sanitary static mixer, here’s what you need to know to help upgrade your knowledge and choose the right mixer for your specific needs.

The core idea of a static mixer is to blend immiscible liquids that do not dissolve in each other like oil and water or to mix gases altogether.

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Sanitary Static Mixer

Why You Should Install A Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger Today

Standard tube exchangers and slurry heaters have for long been the devices of choice for providing required heat energy across a multitude of industries, maybe for far too long. There is a much superior device in town and it is 300% more efficient. Say hello to the Klean-Wall heat exchanger.

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Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger

The Benefits Of Installing A Custody Transfer Mixer

Custody transfer is a process that is mainly used in the oil and gas industry but is certainly not limited to it. It is where materials are physically handed over from one operator to another. Generally raw or refined petroleum is transferred between two or more petroleum tankers when this happens. There is a lot of regulation around the process and it needs to abide to certain standards such as Industry standards, national metrology standards, contracts or agreements between the operators involved and also government legislation as per the jurisdiction. Given all the standards, there are some challenges that operators face during custody transfer, and a custody transfer mixer can alleviate many of these difficulties effectively.

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Custody Transfer Mixer

A Short Guide to Scepter Tank Heaters

Ever since the invention of fire, we have been heating water on daily basis. Some methods of creating hot water can result in parts being corroded, energy being wasted, or time consuming when it’s not necessary. Instead of wasting time with inefficient methods, the best bet is to have a closer look at scepter tank heaters.

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Scepter Tank Heaters