Static Mixers for Water Treatment

Komax is a leading manufacturer and supplier of static mixers, desuperheaters, and heat exchangers for various industries around the world.

With over 40 years of experience in the mixing and heat transfer technology, Komax offers static mixers for a wide range of industrial purposes. Even though Komax is based in the US, its products are supplied all over the world.

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How the Petrochemical Industry Uses Static Mixers

We are aware that static mixers are used in industries where fluid processing takes place. The fluids can be of any kind, from water to oils to chemicals like ammonia. Static mixers are also used for blending gases with gases or liquids. Both miscible and immiscible substances can be effectively mixed with static mixers.

Static mixers are also called motionless mixers. This is because they have no moving parts. The static mixer is not a machine in itself.

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How the Custody Transfer Mixer Helps the Petroleum Industry

The oil and natural gas industry is one of the most important markets in the world. The economy of several countries depends on the petroleum industry. Petroleum is the most essential fuel around the world, from running vehicles to running machinery.

And because of oil shale and that amazing fracking innovation, America is becoming and has become an energy powerhouse. Soon America will become energy self-sufficient via natural gas and petroleum because of the private sector in America. Too bad states like New York and California refuse to help out their middle classes and join this fracking and job creating boom but this is another topic.

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Benefits of Komax Steam Heaters

There has been a massive increase in the uses of steam heaters in the last few decades. Every industry requires heating for various purposes, but not all materials can be heated the same way. That is why the steam heater is more popular than most other heating equipment for industrial purposes.

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Three Steps to Choosing a Right Static Mixer

There is an overwhelmingly large number of static mixers available today, and the decision to choose the right one for industrial and commercial purposes can be extremely difficult and confusing.

Every industry requires different types of static mixers, depending upon the type of materials to be mixed. For instance, crude oil will require different equipment than waste water. That is why, buying a generic static mixer isn’t the right decision. Remember that the right consistency of the mixture depends on the mixing equipment.

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Static Mixers for Poultry Industry Waste Management

Some industries have a harder cleanup process than others. For instance, the poultry industry generates close to 1.5 million gallons of wastewater every single day.

Pollutants in the waste water produced by the poultry industry range from grit, fat, blood to meat, skin and feathers.

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Komax Triple Action Static Mixer

It goes without saying that mixing and blending happen to be some of the most important tasks in several industries, especially where liquids and gases are involved. Blenders are not just needed when making pancakes!

For large mixing purposes, tank mixers are used. They are conventional and old-fashioned but do the job in large factories and manufacturing facilities. Problems arise with mixing smaller amounts of materials. Large mixers cannot handle small amounts, leading to rising costs and time.

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Applications of Desuperheaters

Komax desuperheaters are put to a variety of applications in various industries. Komax has been manufacturing static mixers since 1973.

Static mixers are what they specialize in. Aside from static mixers, Komax also makes desuperheaters. This is a device used to reduce temperature of steam for a number of purposes in a manufacturing unit.

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Types of Industrial Heaters

Heating is an important part of the process in every industry. Whether it is for blending two liquids or melding two substances or changing a substance from solid to liquid state, the need for heat can never be denied in the manufacturing industry.

Heating may be a part and parcel of everyday life, from cooking food to booking water, but when it comes to manufacturing units, large scale industrial heaters are required. And like with any other equipment, every industry needs different types of heaters for the best results.

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Benefits of Static Mixers Over Tank Mixers

A sense of complacency is bound to develop when something is done the same way for a long time. The same is the case with conventional manufacturing facilities that have been conducting their operations in one specific way since the beginning.

The need to change or modify things is usually absent because things keep working in the same monotonous way.

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