Advantages of a Desuperheater

Desuperheaters perform a seemingly simple task of cooling superheated steam, but they play a very critical role in every industry.

This is because superheated steam cannot be used for several purposes like heating or heat transfer. For these purposes, steam needs to be of a lower temperature. A desuperheater accomplishes this task by injecting water into the steam flow.

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What Is Steam Sparging

In industrial settings, steam is often used for heating liquids. The heat is delivered to the liquid either through a heat exchanger or by direct injection of steam.

The process of injecting steam directly into the liquid is called steam sparging. The design and productivity levels of the steam sparger affect the end result.

The process

When water is heated, it boils and turns into a vapor called ‘wet’ steam. When heated further, all the water evaporates and leaves behind saturated vapor. When the vapor is heated more it becomes super heated steam.

When steam is super heated, the water molecules are at very high energy levels. As a result, superheated steam is often used to create mechanical energy (this is done in submarines – the nuclear energy heats the sea water creating steam). This explains why superheated steam is so essential in the power generation industry.

What is steam sparging?

Sparging can have different meanings. It is basically a technical term for injecting gas into a liquid or even for spraying a liquid onto a solid. Spargers are tubular equipment, also known as bubblers, carbonators, aerators, or diffusers. A very common example of sparging is air being bubbled into the tank in an aquarium.

This is done to maintain the level of the dissolved oxygen in the water. Spargers are also often used to carbonate beverages, and also for extending the shelf life of foods and beverages by reducing the oxygen content.

Steam sparging involves injecting steam into water for industrial purposes. A steam sparger is a type of direct contact heating device. Steam sparging is considered a traditional heating method, where the input temperature is much higher than the process temperature.

Although steam injection is considered more efficient, steam spargers are also used in several industries.

Some of the most important benefits of the steam sparger are:

  • High velocity steam to facilitate smooth operations and energy savings
  • Easy to switch on and off
  • Also comes in tank mount design for heating tanks of all sizes
  • Can also be designed as pipe mount for inline heating
  • Can be used on oversized pipes
  • Comes with winter freeze protection
  • Single or multiple jet sparger designs
  • Simple integration with existing temperature control
  • Auto or manual designs
  • Ideal for tanks with high fluid turnover
  • Designed large volumes of high temperature heating

Komax rises to the top

Given how important steam is in an industrial setting, a steam sparger is an essential tool in any factory. Get in touch with Komax for a custom designed steam sparger.

How to Clean a Static Mixer

Every manufacturing unit requires some kind of mixing and heating system. There is no doubt that mixing, heating, and cooling are some of the basic and most important processes in a factory.

Whether the industry deals with only water or with corrosive chemicals, these processes remain unchanged. Static mixers are one of the most tremendous tools for smooth and uniform mixing.

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What is The Scepter Tank Heater?

When talking of tank heaters, the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional tank heater, which was huge in size, took up a ton of space, and was hard to maintain.

Although those conventional tank heaters are still in use in several plants because they efficiently handle larger volumes, because of their inconvenience, modern steam heaters have begun to replace them.

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Komax Static Mixer For Bitumen Froth Treatment

The static mixer has been around for a long time and so have natural fuel like petroleum. We are aware of the uses of the static mixer in the oil and natural gas industries, but they are also used for the biofuel industry.

Biofuel is an alternative fuel, much like solar energy. But the alternative energy industries have always faced various kinds of problems and challenges. Bitumen froth is one among them.

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Industrial Applications of the Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is an equipment used to transfer heat between two materials, usually liquids. In a heat exchange, the two liquids can be either in direct contact or separated by a wall. Heat transfer is used by a wide range of industries.

Heating and cooling are vital functions in any industrial setting, and the more effectively it is accomplished, the better the end result. Usually, a heat exchanger is used more for cooling than heating.

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Applications of Komax Ozone Mixer

We are all familiar with ozone. Actually, ozone is an oxidant, made of three atoms of oxygen, unlike the oxygen we breathe, which is made of two atoms.

Ozone is also the second most powerful oxidant in the atmosphere and is used in industrial settings to get rid of bacteria, viruses, and strong odors.

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How to Clean Heat Exchangers

Although heat exchangers are either shell and tube or plate types, the individual designs can greatly vary.

Along with the construction, the methods to keep heat exchangers clean will also vary. All equipment in a factory will need to be cleaned regularly, even if they are labeled “self-cleaning”.

A machine can never give itself a bath, so it is silly to assume that it will be clean no matter how hard you work it. No. Like every piece of machinery, heat exchangers will also need to be cleaned often to keep it in good stead. However, every heat exchanger cannot be cleaned the same way.

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How Does Static Mixing Work?

Static mixing is required in almost every industry. That’s because every industry needs to process fluids for some purpose.

A Pivotal Aspect

Be it water or chemicals, no industry can work without fluids. And for the most effective mixing of fluids, inline static mixers are required. Static mixers are also called motionless mixers because they have no moving parts. They are easy to install and use and are also affordable.

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Static Mixing for Baking Industry

When making cakes at home, what is the process that you usually follow? Pour all the ingredients, such as flour, butter, eggs, milk, and sugar, in a bowl and mix thoroughly, right? Some prefer to mix the dry ingredients separately and then put in the liquids.

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