Hi-Pass Static Mixer: An Introduction

A hi-pass static mixer is used basically for handling non-fouling and non-plugging sludge. These mixers are specifically designed for mixing polymer solution with sludge flows prior to the dewatering process.

The principal advantage of this hi-pass static mixer is that it not only increases operational efficiency but ensures polymer savings of more than 25%.

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Hi-Pass Static Mixer

Use a Klean Wall Heat Exchanger to Enhance Efficiency in Process Industries

A Klean Wall Heat Exchanger is usually operated to increase energy efficiency in process industries by up to 300 percent. Those heat exchangers that are energy inefficient lead to wasted energy more often than not, and which again translates into wasted capital.

The Klean Wall Heat Exchanger uses high-quality and turbulent sludge to ensure that there is no buildup on the wall and that the pipe doesn’t clog. It processes debris that is half the pipe diameter in terms of width, ensuring that it isn’t too thick and may clog the pipe.

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Klean Wall Heat Exchanger

Custody Transfer Mixer: What Does It Do?

A custody transfer mixer is indispensable in the homogenization of and water prior to sampling in custody transfer pipelines.

These mixers are designed specifically to meet all standards and requirements for fiscal measurement/custody transfer like ISO 3171 and API 8.2 standards.

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Custody Transfer Mixer

Applications of The Sanitary Static Mixer To Foods & Beverage Industries

The sanitary static mixer comes with an all-stainless steel blender and static mixer that are ideal for processing miscible fluids. This is regardless of their viscosity, flow rates, or density.

This mixer finds wide use in diluting juice concentrates instantly as also flavors and colorants, in certain types of processed foods; tomato paste cutting; or for heating up chocolate syrups gently.

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Sanitary Static Mixer

What You Need to Know About Static Mixers

A static mixer can be applied to a wide range of process operations, including dispersion, dosing, emulsion formation, and laminar flow heat exchange.

This device offers a number of key benefits for combining gases, powders, and liquids, and it is tested, tried, trusted, and used in a wide range of industries and factories. Mixing action is achieved when the components are continuously split, extended, and transported.

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Static Mixers

Advantages of Komax Sludge Mixers

Sludge mixing plays a critical role in any anaerobic digester process control. The sludge mixer works to mix and circulate the digester’s sludge contents through a propeller in order to minimize the accumulation of scum, distribute heat, and ensure that the solids are suspended in the liquid.

When you choose sludge mixers from Komax, you get features that make the mixing process easier as well as excellent results for any project you are taking on.

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Sludge Mixers

What You Need to Know About Scepter Tank Heaters

It may have never crossed your mind that heating water would be a complicated process, but the fact is that there are certain methods that are more effective and impressive than others.

Some methods used to create hot water can lead to excess wastage of energy, corrosion of parts, or time being expended unnecessarily.

Instead of wasting time and money on inefficient water-heating methods, consider investing in the Komax Scepter Tank Heater. It is designed to inject steam directly into tanks to heat liquids, providing an effective solution for heating water.

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Scepter Tank Heaters

Features And Benefits of The Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger

Komax Systems Inc. recently launched the Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger, adding another high-quality products to its extensive line of well-made systems. This is a highly advanced and innovative inline mixing system that is backed by state-of-the-art technology.

This heat exchanger is designed to ensure an increase in bacteriological activity and improvement in digesting.

It uses integral Hi-Pass static mixing elements that increase sludge turbulence and eliminate the velocity gradient of the boundary wall. With this heat exchanger, you can leverage thermal energy in a profound manner and use the best system of its kind in the industry.

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Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger

Why You Should Choose a Hi-Pass Static Mixer From Komax

In many cases, non-fouling, non-plugging sludge mixers are an absolute must, and the Hi-Pass static mixer from Komax Systems Inc. is the best choice in a wide range of situations.

This sludge mixer will reduce consumption and costs of polymers and in various dewatering operations, it will produce dryer cake solids. This static mixer is suited in particular for use in the feed line before devices like plate filter presses, belt filter presses, centrifuges, gravity belt thickeners, and vacuum or pressure filters.

You can choose a mixer that is constructed of PVC, carbon steel, or stainless steel. If you are considering a Hi-Pass sludge mixer, you should definitely pick the one made by Komax.

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Hi-Pass Static Mixer

Make Every Dollar Count With Komax’s Custody Transfer Mixer

A custody transfer mixer is used in the oil and gas industry. They are a type of static mixer that is designed to meet the special requirements and standards for fiscal measurement/custody transfer.

When it comes to this type of mixer, Komax Systems Inc., brings you the most poignant and technologically advanced models.

If you are in need of a CT mixer, you should consider one from Komax as it has been specially designed as a solution to problems that often develop in conventional custody transfer mixing. You can make every dollar count when you invest in a Komax CT mixer.

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Custody Transfer Mixer