July 23, 2018

Laminar Flow vs Turbulent Flow

There’s quite a bit of science at play in a manufacturing facility. While the mixing and blending of ingredients is chemistry, the machines are governed by […]
July 20, 2018

What is a Scepter Tank Heater?

Water is universally required (this is why overpopulation in America’s southwest is a concern which leads to immigration though this is another topic). Every living creature […]
July 18, 2018

Fundamental Details Pertaining to Bitumen Froth Treatment

Natural fuel like oil and gases have been around forever (and continue to be found like the earth produces them constantly but this another topic), but […]
July 16, 2018

Static Mixers For The Chemical Industry

All equipment used in the manufacturing industry has to be exceptionally designed and constructed to provide the most efficient performance. Every industry manufactured something or the […]
July 13, 2018

Difference Between Bell and Bayonet Mixers

Since mixing is a vital part of any manufacturing facility, industries are always on the lookout for mixers that are easy to use and don’t require […]
July 11, 2018

Diving Into Komax Starch Cooker Benefits

To put it simply, a starch cooker is a device used in industrial settings for the chemical processes of starch wet milling, grain ethanol production, and […]
July 9, 2018

A Prolific Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger

Ever since the beginning of heat exchangers, there has been one big issue: efficiency. As useful as heat exchangers are, they have never been considered very […]
July 6, 2018

Komax Ozone Mixer Uses & What This Entails

We have all heard about ozone. It is an oxidant, also known by the name of “activated oxygen”, or “triatomic oxygen” because it is made of […]
July 4, 2018

Komax Industrial Desuperheaters Are The Best

Water and steam play a vital role in most industries. Steam is often used to create mechanical power, and that is achieved by superheating the steam. […]