CPS Static Mixer


The Komax motionless mixer achieves high efficiency through triple action mixing with short mixing length.  These are “in stock” static mixers.

Simple, rugged, economical mixing elements.

Adaptable to all standard materials, surface coatings, and fittings and pipe sizes.

No moving parts- eliminates treatment tanks, motors, shafts, impellers, and manpower requirements.

Low-cost, easily installed, long service life, zero maintenance and down time.

Low pressure drop-up to 90% energy savings- gravity alone is often sufficient.

Uniform temperature and velocity profiles – from centerline to sidewall – produce continuous, predictable blending, dispersing, heat-exchanging and reaction time.

Materials of Construction: Housing: Clear PVC Schedule 40.

End Connection: Male Adapter Schedule 40 (WHITE PVC) NPT.

Elements: 4 Type 316 Stainless Steel


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