In-line Steam Heater

Water heating, slurry heating, starch jet cooking – they all have one thing in common: the need for a solid inline steam heater to provide an integrated process heating solution. Komax Systems is the only company that provides a dependable inline steam heater you can count on. With decades of industry experience spent refining our products, Komax is the name to turn to when you want a solution designed specifically for your needs.

Achieving Higher Heating Efficiency

Ensuring your equipment is making you as successful as possible is the name of the game today, and our steam heater does that and much more. Providing nearly 100% efficiency, our steam heaters offer much more than a traditional heat exchanger ever could at a far lower capital cost. Add that to the fact that you can expect some dramatic reductions when it comes to noise, water hammer, vibrations, and scaling, and you have the breakthrough your company needs most.

Expecting the Best

Our steam heater has a white water flow rate of 3,500 GPM. The steam flow is 60,000 lbs per hour with a steam pressure of 175 PSIG. Starting temperature here is 95 degrees while the final temperature is 135 degrees.

Meeting Your Application Needs Now

Komax has worked with hundreds of companies in the past, and our inline steam heaters are perfect for a variety of applications. Ideal in oil refineries, large industrial buildings with a need for hot water, food processing plants, and pulp and paper mills, we can customize your unit specifically for company.

No Moving Parts

What’s your biggest equipment worry? If you’re like most companies, a breakdown tops the list for many plant managers, but the Komax inline steam heater shines here more than any other design on the market. There are no moving parts. Steam and cold water are instantly mixed together thanks an internal static mixer. One single modulating steam control gives the Komax inline steam heater more than a 10:1 turn down capability.

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