Komax Klean-Wall Our Twist on Heat Exchangers

Are we little strange at Komax for thinking waste management is actually sort of fun? Perhaps, but you wouldn’t want to live in a world without these eccentricities. Our Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger drastically improves the process of waste management by decreasing energy needs, decreasing maintenance needs, and increasing efficiency, all things that make our system the best option available.

Let’s start with energy efficiency. The Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger provides a whopping 300% increase in efficiency over other slurry heaters. This can be a significant help for municipalities or rural organizations seeking to treat waste with as little capital as possible. Waste treatment is about environmental responsibility, so we wouldn’t want you to use tremendous amounts of energy to complete such a process.

Part of what makes our heat exchanger so efficient is that we utilize static mixing. By constantly cycling inputs with their shared wall, heat transfer happens more rapidly. This mixing is done with our Hi-Pass mixer, which won’t clog, helping to further streamline your operation.

This mixing not only helps exchange heat, but it also improves bacteriological activity. This makes digesting more efficient, produce much more methane, and become a more environmentally stable end product. It all leads to a 50% decrease in retention time, effectively increasing waste treatment potential while decreasing input needs.

Waste management and digestion are not gross processes to us, they are fun problems that are always changing and looking for improvements. We know that even if you don’t want to admit it, you too yearn for a more efficient and sustainable system. This is our driving force that helps us create better equipment that seemingly does the impossible by decreasing the input needs like energy and time, and increasing the overall production. So don’t be afraid to reveal your waste management passion, embrace this love and let us help you do so.


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