PVC Inline Static Mixer

The Komax in stock and custom PVC Inline Static Mixers are made by design sized from ½” to 20” they include the application required number of ASME B31.1 welded elements incased in PVC housing with end connections to fit your process pipeline


    Muni and Waste Water

    Pulp and Paper

    Oil Sands/Mining-Mineral

End Connections/Options

    Flanged Ends

    Threaded Ends

    Plain Ends

    Injection Port

Mixing Elements

    Triple action mixing elements

    Hi-pass mixing elements

Typical Applications

    Muni/Wastewater: Mixing Sodium Permangante and Aq. KMn04;

    6% sodium Hypo; polymer; alum; coagulant/Chlorine; CO2 Gas;

    Alum/polymer blend; polymer solution; potassium permangana;

    sodium hypochlorite; 50% NaOH/6% NaOCI; sea water; aqueous

    chemicals; caustic soad; aluminum based coagulant; aluminum sulphate

    Oil Sands: Mixing water and O2