Sludge Heater

steam_heater_01Komax has modified their highly successful direct steam heater to mix and heat municipal sludge. Small diameter “HS” Model heaters replace high cost spiral type heat exchangers with significant equipment cost savings. Direct steam heating is 20% to 25% more efficient then heat exchangers.

It’s a proven fact that if the sludge stream to a belt press or centrifuge is heated to 140 degrees F prior to the dewatering process that up to 25% savings in biosolids disposal costs will be achieved. Preheating the sludge to 160 degrees F and holding for 30 minutes will pasteurize the biosolids and eliminate the pathogens. This makes it possible to meet the Class A biosolids EPA 503 regulations.



Test installation in a major Southern California municipal WWTP. Komax 4-inch diameter model “HS” Sludge Heater.

Belt Press Dewatering.

Sludge flow rate: 130 gpm.
Sludge solids: 1.5% to 2.0%
Solids enhanced: up to 4%
Polymer reduction: 20%

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