Static Mixers

Komax Static Mixers Redefine efficiency for Inline Mixing!

Inline Static Mixers are the single best idea when you’re looking for efficiency without the moving parts. A fixed arrangement of elements fully enclosed by your existing piping or tubing, the process-steam flow offers the necessary energy to complete the mixing process. They’re designed for applications where additives have already been placed in the stream. The Komax process uses a unique triple action mixing process that is highly efficient.

You choose line size, pressure drop, and the number of elements. Select from two, three, or four elements to meet your needs.

Our Triple Action Static Mixer offers a higher level of mixing than any other inline static mixer on the market today. In stock, you get serious efficiency with a shortened time span, helping you to complete tasks faster.

All of our products are constructed from carbon steel, 316 stainless steel, PVC, and fiberglass. See each of our options on the “M” Series and “A” Series inline static mixer pages.

Not quite sure our in stock options fit your needs? We also offer custom inline static mixer configurations so you can choose the right number of ports, various end fittings, and a number of different styles of mixing elements. Contact us now for your custom quote.

The Inline Static Mixing Difference

Wondering why you should consider a inline static mixer? They’re ideal for many different problems. From ensuring the heaviest of slurries are well blended to dealing with the thickest of pastes to simply mixing lower viscosity materials like water additives, they’re an effective way to get the job done fast.

Our motionless static mixers come in a number of different pipe sizes, including ¾ inch to over 6 feet.

Take a look at a few of the mixing problems Komax motionless static mixers are designed for: liquids, gasses, gas into liquid, reaction chemicals, slurries, particulate solids, dry powders, thermoplastic pellets, emulsification, emulsion breaking.

Don’t think they fit within your industry? Try again. We’ve made installations in waste water treatment facilities as well as plants within a number of industries including chemical processing, petro chemical, potable water treatment, crude oil sampling, pollution control, power generation, agriculture, and food processing.

What Are the Benefits of Inline Static Mixing?

Komax offers real advantages over other inline motionless static mixers. Take a look at a few of the benefits you can expect:

Predictability:From blending to dispersing to the reaction time, you know exactly what you’ll get each time.

Uniformity: You’ll always get the same temperature and velocity profile anywhere in the tank.

Efficiency: Gravity is often the only energy used to complete the mixing process.

Budget Friendly: Our mixers cost less from day one, and there aren’t any associated maintenance costs, so you can expect a long life that won’t break your bottom line.

CFD design simulation of the three distinct types of mixing, tow-by-two division, cross current mixing and counter-rotating vortices/back mixing that can only be achieved by the patented Triple Action Mixing Elements.

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